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Your Verse in the Bible

Your_Verse_in_the_Bi_Cover_for_KindleYour Verse in the Bible is a book about legacy–your legacy! What will it look like for you to do something memorable with your life, something godly and noble, something worthy of a sentence in the Bible?

That may sound like a big question–and it is. It may also sound like a dangerous question–and it is! But ambition works like plumbing–when it works, everything is clean. When it doesn’t work, everything’s a mess. Godly ambition helps clean our lives and get rid of the mess.

Your Verse in the Bible will not only walk you through a holistic theology of Biblical ambition, it will also provide you with some simple tools to help you begin to craft that godly legacy right now.

Copies of Your Verse in the Bible are can be purchased either through Createspace or

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