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Future Projects

The following projects are either in process or planned:

A Baptism for Life: A Guided Workbook through the Core of Christianity.  While formally a book of catechism–preparing people for baptism–A Baptism for Life is really about securing our faith on the foundations of historic Christianity. The seven lessons use the Apostles’ Creed as a framework for reading and studying Scripture, so that new and seasoned believers alike can strengthen and confirm their faith. 

Subversive Discipleship. Intended as a companion to Ordinary Prayer, Subversive Discipleship is book that focuses on Christianity beyond the basics, focusing especially on the formation of the Kingdom of God in the hearts of believers in the present.

The Sermon on the Mount. There is no greater manual for discipleship than the one Jesus gave us himself in this great sermon, and although thousands of books have been written after it and upon it, few have captured the simple but challenging message in a way that is memorable and instructive.

Necessary Work. Co-Authored along with Jerry and Claudia Root, this book is a study in the meaning and practice of marriage, intended as both a premarital counseling guide as well as to bless those seasoned in marriage.

(Note: There are at least three other projects in the works, not listed here. All titles are subject to change.)

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