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I write regularly on two blogs:

Toolshed Meditations is a series of short devotional comments, scriptural meditations, and quotes. I post there every few days, and it’s a great place to go for some quick spiritual encouragement.

As a sample, you might enjoy this post about a conversation between Stanley Jones and Mahatma Gandhi. Or, check out this post about the power of the suffering Church. Alternatively, check out this devotional post about Romans 10:1-4.

My other blog is Mustard Seed Faith, where I write more substantial essays on film, culture, and theology, the odd book review, and whatever else comes to mind. I post there less regularly (between two weeks to a month between posts, that is). However, the post are far more in-depth.

For some samples, you might enjoy this post about the Sin of Judas, or this book review about Hitler’s Private Library. If movies are your thing, check out this review of Peter Jackson’s The Two Towers.

More of God in Everything. Nothing less than God in Anything.